Solo Traveling

Happy Tuesday everyone? Maybe not for some but I'd like to brighten that situation and give you some real wanderlust. I don't know what took me so long to post last year's Arizona trip, but I guess a lot has changed in my life recently and I've hit a breaking point. I'm tired of living my life at the same grocery store, same coffee shop, in the same town. There is something beautiful about being rooted in a familiar and safe place but when it's all you know, and your heart is screaming at you for something listen. 


Anyways that talk is for another time! Today I'd like to explore my solo trip with you! When's the last time you have taken a trip alone? My 1st real solo trip was in California for a wedding I was photographing about 5 years ago. Although that was my 1st solo trip, Arizona was much more than a job, it was for my heart. I had family over there that I had the pleasure to enjoy for a few days with and than off I went. My heart pushed me from Phoenix, to Sedona to the Grand Canyon and than back down. Side note but an important one...I cried, a lot. I was an emotional ball of, well emotions. I cried at a cactus for awhile, so there's that. Wasn't really sure if it's because I've never seen a real cactus in it's home before or if it's because my heart hurt. It was truly and experience haha My point is whether you are going through heartbreak, depression, fulfillment or just pure joy, wanderlust has a way of bringing out the best of you. I also wrote an article for the online Magazine called The Perpetual You. The article was written around the topic of joy through brilliance. The few pages I have in there are more about how solo traveling has defined me, the fear that it can have on an individual and over coming that fear. I hope you check out these amazing women who will encourage you through real life struggles and friendships. 


I hope these photographs bring you joy! I hope they get you thinking about how you feel when traveling and/or planning your 1st ever solo trip! You'll thank yourself later. 

Caution: Once you start, you can't stop :)

                   A video I sent my mom before my solo trip! Ugh I'm so weird in videos.

                                Here is one of the cactus that I cried to. Great listener. 

Don't forget to take your solo hike. The view is amazing but it's the hike there that is pure magic.

                                        So much culture, history and beauty! 

                                      Best part of a solo trip, watching others.

It's amazing how strangers can become family. I thought I was thr only one travling alone but to much of my suprise, I was not.

I mean...COME ON!!! :)