Love it. Live it.

       I thought the day I took these that I was going to write some epic fashion blog. I still sit here thinking,"Hey! That's what I do". But I'm not. These became more than that to me. Maybe it's because I got to photograph my best friend again and the intense way she looks at the camera that makes someone feel completely in AWWW. Maybe it's because I'm starting to feel more like me through the photos I take. With every click, I'm getting better and happier with my work. Here's the thing, most are scared to lose the artist ability to capture something new, myself included. The breaks I take in between, the places I explore, the people I meet, right down to the guitar I strum. All these elements surprisingly have nothing to do with it. Yup, that's right. I always plan my life right down to the trips I take. With photography, it's the only thing that's been consistently unplanned. I go, I photograph, I shock the hell out of me, and every shoot I feel out of this world. That type of happiness is not easily found. It took me 13 years to feel the way I feel right not. I don't care if it has been done before. Or if it's not relevant, or if I don't have some thriving photography business. I'm turning 30 next month and the last thing I want to leave my 20's with is embracing my own artist views, to know my worth in art, love, and friendship. Whatever it is that feeds your soul and brings out the best in you, that makes you cry when you feel that overwhelming sense of joy. Whatever that it. Keep doing it. Because let me tell you love comes in many different forms and if you get to control at least one of them in your life, you will always feel loved.

Thank you to my beautiful friend Julia who is my rock in my photography world! Teamwork! 

For my fashion friends: links under 1st of the photographs.

  Dress:  Goldmoring

Dress: Goldmoring

 Shirt, Shorts, and Belt:  Madewell

Shirt, Shorts, and Belt: Madewell

 Jumpsuit: Freepeople

Jumpsuit: Freepeople