Leocadia K.

Leocadia K.

Morning Sunshine!

Let me introduce to you an amazing jewelry designer and a kickass friend of mine, Cait Sherrick, jewelry designer of Leocadia K. Her jewelry is a "modern art inspired jewelry for the mildly rebellious flow-goer." Cait's design is unique, bold and creative, like nothing I've seen out there. Using Stones, brass and beads, her work is for all ladies who want "ancient silhouettes and minimal designs to transcend boundaries in an elevated, modern, bohemian kind of way." Not only is Cait a jewelry designer/maker but also a great fashion stylist at heart. She's a well rounded inspirational designer and friend, there is no other way to express it so I'll just show you. Don't forget to check out her shop through her link above and pick your summer pieces! 

All quotes are Cait's 

Photos by Lindsay Stanford Photography