Black on Black

So I suck at this blogging thing. It's been months since I last posted any of my travel/fashion pieces. I'm sure like most of you, either the weather or most likely laziness is the reason to blame. I choose to blame the cold weather here in New England, It's really not my coffee of tea. A lot has changed in a small about of time and I hope to post more about my resent adventures and future ones in my next blog. But for now lets stick to fashion! 

Nothing about black pieces are bad. Most day I stick to a grey/black and cream pallet. I'm not here to tell you black is trending or sliming. I'm here because each item has a texture and works great to the next black piece. I feel great putting these pieces together. Silk, cotton, lace and suede, its all about feeling wild and fierce in whatever you put on.  So rock it where ever and whenever.


Let start off with the shoes from forever21. I will say everyone has a love hate with the brand, so I do my best to choose wisely. I love these heels for many reasons. The bow tie in the front is classic and sexy! Whats even more sexy than the cute details? I can walk in them, no I'm sorry, I can strut my sexy ass down the sidewalk without a slip up! The heels are just the right height in which is why it made it on my favorites list. Last but not least, its black and with that you can wear them with anything!  

Another forever21 favorite is this see through lace one piece! This was designed for the bedroom but I was like hell no! Too cute not to wear out. Putting a cami underneath and you got yourself a sexy and wearable top. 

Oh and finally did something different with my hair! Tis the year of new hair for me. Explore, explore...explore. 

Pairing the heels with black skinny jeans for a stylish casual look!

Suede choker from a craft store. No need to pay 30$ plus, when you can design yourself one for under 10$. 

                                                     I'm sprouting new legs this year! 

                                                   I'm sprouting new legs this year! 

Last but not least I went and still going through an obsession with pins.  Top favorite three for the winter time.  Check out these amazing Etsy sellers! Dark phase for the winter. 

Cat: Punkypins    Alien: Popdraw    Flower: ShayeDisplay

Lace one Piece: Forever21

Choker: Michael's Craft Store

Earrings: H&M

Jeans: Madewell

Coat: H&M (similar)

Heels: Forever21 (similar one)

Photos by Tricia Flasphaler