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Lets Layer!

Lindsay StanfordComment
Lets Layer!

Morning lovely people! 

Congratulations to me! I successfully failed at posting more often. This blogging shit is real. I honestly commend those who do it often. The point is I'm here this morning, and that says something. Let's talk fashion! Who doesn't wake up smelling silk and velvet in the morning?! Just kidding, you know its that leather jacket you wish you had but it cost a fuck ton. So grab your coffee, tea or better yet a good AC shot in the AM. That stuff will go down like acid. It will wake you up. Promise. 

My good friend Julia is the genius behind the camera on this photo session. Guided her slightly but she's a natural. I have her to thank for this amazing shoot! She know's my plan to conquer so she captures that perfectly. I do my best to add color and patterns to my wardrobe. I didn't pick this outfit out carefully. It just came together while in a rush to work one day and dannmmm is it one of my favorite outfits to wear out on a fall day. 

SHOES: Let's start at the bottom and work ourselves up! The Alice sandal in suede from Madewell is one of a kind. It's a walkable low heeled sandal that fits like a glove, day or evening. Not everyone is a size 6 shoe like me, but don't knock it down before you try. I know from my other GF's, that shoes like jeans are tough to shop for. The color is brilliant and there are other available colors if this soft pink isn't your color. 

JEANS: I'm wearing the Lucky brand jeans in Bridgette high rise skinny with a raw hem. A great classic and vintage-inspired jean. I absolutely love the spandex stretch in these. I don't have to wash them often to get that great shape again, and to me, that's a win! I usually end up ruining all my clothes in the wash. The black stays black and the rise stays high. 

TEE: We are halfway there! Underneath the sweater, I'm wearing a the chocker acid stripped tee from Top shop. This tee is also has a great vintage feel to it. With a low v-neck, I love pairing it with a lace bralette. So soft to the touch and easy versatile. If I have nothing else to wear the casual cool tee is a great throw on under a jean jacket, leather or sweater! 

SWEATSHIRT: Lets put this outfit together with the Madewell flower embroidered cutoff sweatshirt. By far my favorite go-to sweater! I love the feel of this sweater and the slight crop to it. That is why it is so great to pair a simple pattern underneath and you know those high-rise jeans? Yeah, this sweater was meant for them. It's got a great relaxed fit! 

PURSE: Last but not least my purse is from Marshalls! It's genuine leather with many pockets. Kinda like a Mary Poppins bag. Great for every day and better yet great for traveling. I don't have a marker attached to it! So sorry! But there's hope. If there is a Marshalls near you, pop in and check out their many designer handbags! I'll link some similar handbags below. 

Thank you for listening to my morning ramble and shopping with me! 

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Photo's by @julia_ekwall