Mieroglyph Surf

Mieroglyph Surf

Happy Friday!


I wanna introduce you all to a great company and product called Mieroglyphs (My-ro-glyphs)!  Cork/leather/magnet, and recyclable, this bracelets let's you personally engrave your own inspirational and positive quote/sayings. Each Miero bracelet is unique and personal to you. So many different patterns to choose from and empowering qoutes to keep you motivated. 

When surfing I'm being challenged, it gives me peace and scares the shit out of me sometimes. With all that, I honestly love to go in style. I wanted something I could wear that looked great but was sustainable. I needed something creative and that would stay on when riding the waves or rolling in the sand. When I was approached by Mieroglyphs I knew I believed in their story and brand. I was kid happy to affiliate with them. Now when riding the waves I have something to hold onto that gives me a little push out of my comport zone. Check out Mieroplyphs website and use Promo Code PHOTO10 to get 10% off your Miero bracelet!!! 

"The greatest threat to our plant is the belief that someone else will save it" -Miero


Photos By Minyan Zhu