Casual Comfort

Happy Saturday!

After a long day of surfing salty waters and car traveling for hours, I love coming home and washing the day away. Jumping into my favorite pair of High-Rise Boy Shorts and Fine-Kint Top. Casual and comfortable is my summer go to. I seriously get cold no matter how hot it is. A breeze goes by and I get a bit of a chill, so balancing two great pieces at different lengths has me at a perfect comfort level. 

These High-Rise Boy Shorts are perfect and flattering in all the right places. A little loose to add that extra comfort. The cutoffs add that extra vintage coolness to any closet. Paired with the High-Rise is H&M's Fine-Knit Top with Lacing. Comes in black and olive as well, this knit is great for those cooler nights. It's a great summer staple and fits true to size. Secret? I wear it to bed....a lot. 

Accessories are a must, so of course I had to pick up the The 55mm Round Sunglasses with Gold Trim from BP Nordstrom. They are the perfect modern sunglasses to wear when you want to add a little zest to your day. I love anything with a hint of gold to it. 

I wanted something classic and round when I think of a watch. I'm excited to say this is my very 1st watch in over 10 years! I wear the Round Face Watch (similar one online), from BP Nordstrom. A faux-leather band and a sleek round face lend classic details to a minimalist-chic watch! 


Boom! :)

Photography By Karen Stanford AKA mom