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February Favorite

Lindsay StanfordComment
February Favorite

Hey guys! 

I'm excited to show you one of my favorite sweaters I bought this winter. The Contemporary Mock Neck Oversized Sweater from Forever 21! Even better this effortless cream warm sweater is on sale for $19.99! So don't forget to pick up one for the spring. My mom and I decided to photograph on the coldest day yet, but we carried on and got some creative and colorful photos. She is my second part time photographer and I'm grateful that she's always willing to photograph me, hot or cold weather. Big shout out to my mom!

Reasons to love this sweater

1. Price-duh?!

2. The color. Winter/spring calls for cream colored...everything!

3.The sleeves! Try something new. Put a jean jacket over the shoulder to add texture and layering

4.Cozy. Need I say more?

5. Faltering and not to oversized as I thought. 

So that being said, I pick this as my February Favorite 

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