Alice & UO Giovanna Top

Where do I start?! It's been a long week filled with adventure, fun, anxiety and sadness, oh yeah and fashion.  A tornado of all things. But I made it half way and I'm so looking forward to the weekend. There are not a lot of activities that keep me grounded and anxiety free quite like traveling, fashion photography  and talking to all of you. So thank you! Thank you for all your support, love and kindness and putting up with my bad language. I'm on a great journey that could not be possible without you! Now if you're into working out, yoga, breaking shit or just some good old retail therapy (my go to) than hop on that wave and get going. 

Many, I assure you, men and women might not feel this type of blouse I'm wearing fits their body type. Being 5'3 and 100 pounds and no ass, makes me "not a candidate" for average and above average women and men. Totally get it. My fashion blog seems custom to the smaller waist/female. Maybe I can't convince you that what I do is for everyone, but I can speak up! I believe in all body type and I say, if you want to wear it and you feel fabulous, than wear that sheer blouse you have been eyeing, don't be scare, at least try it on. Why the hell not!?  Most importantly and what I am learning (not always succeeding) to do is to write to ALL types of beautiful people. Inside and out. My blog might even help others on a whole different level, maybe nothing to do with fashion. I don't want my fashion blog to be just a typically blog about what I can wear. I hope it to be about why I show what I wear, my progress of learning to expect myself through fashion and to have you all know you can always lean on me for support. If I can have that privilege, that's better than any fashion blog I write. It's art of expression, being who you are and not giving a rats ass about what others think. Common blog? I don't give a SHIT.... Great! We are onto a good start than.

That being said. You need a little spring pep in your step? Only moses knows I do. You know? For all the jews out there ;)

Alice &UO Giovanna Top! This top is spring genius. The way it hangs off you, the sheerness and simple details make this blouse perfect for spring! Urban has reeled me back on this one. Also Check out UO Blog. Everyday artist who inspire even the haters! 

I'm also layering with Madewell: Jean Jacket, JewelryBrim Felt Fedora and my favorite everyday pair of High Risers in Black Frost.

Scarf from H&M!!! $8! score 


Yes, I always forget my phones is in my back pocket on photo day -_- 

Photo's by Karen Stanford Photography aka mom