Gift Guide


This time of year for myself has been a time to look back on past memories and enjoy the small things.  I do my very best to get into the holiday spirit. Those holiday feeling/wishes/presents consist on little gifts, hot coco and enjoying the pine smell of my christmas tree. Every year I don't ask for things unless it's 100% of what I need. I do my best to remember to give more than receive. I'm pretty sure we might all feel the same? It feels best to make holiday drinks with friends, cook with family and give to those who are in need. Every year those are moments I look forward to if I don't give myself the time to through out the year.

That being said it is always a good to treat yourself or someone else. Bumble & Bumble has recently been my go to beauty ritual. I leave a BIG thank you to Nicolle for guiding me to a great product/company and being my go to women for all things beauty.  The Surf foam spray is a new product to me and one I will be using as much as possible. Don't hesitate for a moment that you have to use this during the summer. It has held up my wavy locks for the holidays during these cold days/nights. Part mousse (on the lighter side) part salt spry! This spray holds the right shape just before/after a blow dry and when I'm out and about and I want that extra wave. I don't hesitate to bring it with me on the go! Most sprays leave my hair crunchy, but I assure you that the Surf foam spry has all the ingredients to a perfect soft hold. So get in the holiday spirit and give a little extra hold to your loved ones. <- get what I did there? :)

Happy holidays xo.

Surf Foam Spry: Bumble & Bumble

Jacket: BlankNYC (in black fur)

Shirt: Express

Jeans: Madewell

Boots: Marshals

Purse: Nordstrom (in mini)

Sunglasses: Madewell

Photos by Tricia Flasphaler