Friday Favorites

It's the freakin weekend! 

Alright friends, I wanted to share something new to the beauty blogging world. Yeaaahh kinda new to me I should say. A lot of what I post are exactly what I hoped for. Clothes...Clothes...more Clothes. I've gotten also a lot of great feedback from all of you, so thank you for that. I think the next step is to show more of my daily life. Makeup, hair, skin, interior design, friends food, bad jokes and more! I think this will help me connect more to all of you! Who's feeling super disconnected, raise your hand! I'm super excited to give you all insight to being kick ass and beautiful with my guidance.  

Tonight is my friday favorites! These beauty products are new to my daily routine and because I don't wear much makeup I like to keep it bright and simple. I love a good glow to the skin at all times. I don't get that by putting on too much, but taking really good care of my skin. I'd love to post more on my daily skin care routine. Next week perhaps? 

Here are are my favorite beauty products for the new year! And I can say with the upmost confidence that anyone whose anyone can wear these products with style and grace. 

NARS Concealer (being detailed orientated, I just noticed that NARS concealer is upside down) sample size

Pacifia lipstick in Tenderness

Hourglass lighting powder in Dim light (give that dewy look)

Stila waterproof brow liquid pencil in medium brown

Whim nail polish dipped in gold