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Speaking of paradise

Lindsay StanfordComment
Speaking of paradise

Happy monday guys! At least to the ones who don't mind it.

Ok honest to god. I started this blog post at 11am. I wrote about how I wanted to change up my blog post that involved more of my life than fashion. The lack of my intelligence and technology decided to delete it. It was great too. I talked about moving forward in life, helping others, Pinterest bullshit, yada yada. The whole thing. Point is. Save your shit. At this point today I don't feel like going back into my brain and picking those pieces up again. Not to say I won't ever. I'm still sticking true to that post and I'm excited to share it with you guys when I'm not feeling frustrated.  

On a lighter note. My mom and I are planning a get away trip to paradise!!!! Where too? That's a secret for now. This dress got me thinking about this up coming trip this winter and I wanted to share it.

This Embroidered Paradise Dress is an oldie but goodie and now on sale! A few alterations and I was ready to go. Excited to bring this dress on my trip. I thought this fit perfectly for fall though. I love layering on those not so cold fall days, where you don't have to throw on a puffy jacket because its to damn cold. Let's talk about the details of this dress. The embroidery is just lovely. Everything from the color right down to the texture. At the end of the dress, the back hangs just a few inches longer than the front, drawing your eyes to the shape and side slits. The sleeves give the dress that "getaway" vibe.  Added belt to add shape if needed. For those who don't have a small waist, it hangs really nice without the belt. Hint? Put that belt into you hair as a head band! Throwing the over sized jean jacket to add some casual flow.


Ps. My neighborhood is just lovely.

Dress: Madewell

Jean Jacket: Old Navy (no longer in stock)

Boots: I forgot haha

Ring: Madewell

Necklace: GB9

Bracelet: Free People

Photos By :

Tricia Flasphaler