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Victoria Emerson

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Victoria Emerson

Happy Friday!!!

It's been awhile since I blogged last! So much has happen in the past two months. Let's update. I have been taking more second photography positions for weddings. Bye bye to weekends. I moved out of my parents place...for the 3rd time. Last but not least I've been in serious mouth pain for the last couple months. If anyone has wisdom teeth coming in, my recommendation is  not wait to get them out.

That being said, let's get to the point of why I'm really writing this blog. 

It's fall time finally and I've been in search for some accessories. I don't wear much during the summer so when Victoria Emerson's design contacted me, I couldn't wait to join to be their Victoria Emerson brand ambassador! Everything from wrap bracelets to scarves! I picked out a few of my favorite pieces and styled them for you. I could go on about how great Victoria Emerson is and how reasonably priced they are for the great quality, and shipment is on time, but I'll save you that speech. Although that's all very true. I'd really like to introduce why I enjoy Victoria Emerson's design. They are founded in 2010 and being a fairly new company they are blossoming beautifully along with their jewelry. Every time I go on their site I see something new, while keeping to their true identity. Check out their new line of friendship bracelet. I love seeing new companies flourish, more importantly I enjoy being part of the journey. Each jewelry I've purchased has been solid. I mixed it up with classic gold pieces and beaded wrap bracelet.  Don't for get to check out their site! 

Have fun shopping!


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